Hi! My name is Sebastien and I'm a web developer.

What I do?

I'm a web developer who creates beautiful front-end experiences. I tweet about web development and articles I find interesting, write blog posts and currently work as a freelancer.


Some of the clients I did work for.

Locnest Linkr Education Unibroue Lili Bermuda Iogo RDS Énergie Cardio
Braindrop Deserres
Mont Saint-Sauveur Le Poulet du Québec Saputo

Technology I like to use

Latest articles

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    Moving from custom development to a platform can allow for agencies to gain new and valuable expertise. However, it sometimes represents a big adjustment...

  • F*ck New Year’s Resolutions

    You know what, make this New Year special, just don’t do it. Please, I beg you, just forget about making any life changing resolutions. You know it’s bullshit...

  • Les frameworks responsives

    Vous vous êtes certainement déjà posé la question si utiliser un framework tel que Bootstrap ou Foundation était pertinent pour votre site web. Tel que mentionné dans l’article...